Save money. Gain time.

A certain degree of business acumen is crucial for successful farming – it's essential to maximise potential in all areas, optimise processes and utilise resources more effectively. CLAAS TELEMATICS offers intelligent software solutions to support you in your work.


Save money. Gain time.

A certain degree of business acumen is crucial for successful farming – it's essential to maximise potential in all areas, optimise processes and utilise resources more effectively. CLAAS TELEMATICS offers intelligent software solutions to support you in your work.

Work more efficiently. Work with your data.

The main aim is to reduce costs, and TELEMATICS has four different functions for achieving this: inform, analyse, optimise and document.

TELEMATICS overview.

TELEMATICS is a digital data transfer system which continuously retrieves and records work data, tracks and yield data from connected combine harvesters, forage harvesters and tractors. All data are transmitted via the mobile phone network from the machines to the server, where they are processed and stored. You can access and evaluate your data online in real time or retrospectively via the TELEMATICS website using your farm PC, laptop or smartphone or export them to any common farm management software program.

The "automatic documentation" add-on module automatically assigns recorded data to the fields which have been worked, provided that the field boundaries have been exported to the TELEMATICS server. If no field data are available, TELEMATICS also allows you to plot the field boundaries using the aerial photograph.


Get the whole picture.

The aim is to keep track of the whole fleet by ensuring that all key machine data are readily available at any time.

Whether you want to know about

  • fuel consumption
  • remote location
  • work status
  • remote service

or other machine parameters: you always get the full picture. And not just for one machine, but for almost all tractors and harvesting machines.

Accessing the data is quick and easy. From your office PC you can view the entire fleet on the TELEMAtTICS website. You can also access the most relevant machine information on the move via the app.


Keeping an eye on your resources.

The analysis functions available with the TELEMATICS professional licence give you accurate data about where, when and how your machines are working. Optimisation of operating procedures, harvest technology and machinery logistics provides comprehensive information which helps you to achieve significant improvements in the overall performance of your machines. But how exactly does TELEMATICS help you optimise your operations?
Say you want to check how well your resources are being utilised. To obtain an accurate picture, you need to know how your machines are performing or whether your employees need help to make the most efficient use of the machines. And you want to detect problems in good time so they can be quickly resolved.


Cutting costs.

The main aim of using TELEMATICS is to cut the cost of day-to-day machine deployment. The analysis functions give you the tools you need to identify opportunities for optimisation.
With TELEMATICS you can discover how to boost efficiency or find out why the machine's performance capabilities are not being fully utilised. At the same time you can help your operator work even more efficiently so that they can achieve more in the same time with the same resources. Saving you time and money.


Your farm at a glance.

TELEMATICS reliably documents your fields. When used in conjunction with a farm management software program, you can obtain all the information required for your own field data collection virtually automatically. In addition, you can access all the information required for printing high-quality delivery notes and invoices quickly and easily.

It also gives you a clear overview of your operating costs and  enables you to track work that has been done and view it comparatively. TELEMATICS documents:

  • working times
  • work processes
  • diesel consumption
  • machine positions
  • agronomic data (crop yield, application rate, etc.)

Automatic documentation.

"Automatic documentation" is the most convenient way to document your data. This module reduces your workload while improving the reliability of data handling. Once the field boundaries have been stored in TELEMATICS, the system automatically identifies the field where a machine is working and produces field-specific documentation for each job based on the field boundaries and recorded tracks.

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TELEMATICS licences. Exactly what your need.

TELEMATICS basic.TELEMATICS advanced.TELEMATICS professional.
Essential information for field logisticsPackage with full machine data, enabling you to monitor and optimise current processesFor users who want access to all possible data, especially large farms and contractors
Machine position and track are shown on the map, along with operating status and diesel levelAccess to all the key agronomic data such as throughputs and yieldsAnalysis functions to optimise your machine or fleet deployments
Upload or plot field boundariesYield mapping optionFull functionality and all reports available
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App for mobile use.

To enable you to use TELEMATICS when you are out and about, CLAAS offers an app for iOS and Android operating systems. The operating philosophy behind the app is the same as for the TELEMATICS website and guides you through the three steps in modern fleet management: inform, analyse, optimise. An integrated navigation function also shows you the shortest routes to your machines. App users can view different summaries and statuses in the "automatic documentation" module as well as machine data. This makes it easy for farm managers in particular to keep an eye on work progress when out and about.


  • Simple and intuitive – use any time, anywhere
  • No additional costs
  • Vital information about the work process
  • Easy to see work and tasks documentation

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