CARGOS crop flow

“I am extremely impressed by the wagon concept. I particularly like the double-edge blades and the first-class chop quality.”

CARGOS crop flow

“I am extremely impressed by the wagon concept. I particularly like the double-edge blades and the first-class chop quality.”


The pick-up is cam-controlled on both sides and features a 2-metre working width and five rows of tines. It can take in large quantities of material with minimum power requirements and ensures optimal crop flow. Thanks to its small diameter, it transfers even wet and short-cut material efficiently to the rotor via 13 small transition plates. The speed is also lower than in an cam-less pick-up, ensuring that the forage stays clean. The hydraulic drive system is activated by load sensing and is maintenance-free. Its smooth start-up movement additionally protects the pick-up components. The pick-up can be equipped with hydraulic suspension and a height-adjustable centre guide roller upon request. This guarantees optimal ground-contour following, especially in damp conditions, protecting both the pick-up and the grass cover.

Rotor with individual tine segments.

The low-positioned rotor with nine rows of tines arranged in a helix formation and 22 mm wide conveying bars guarantees optimum chop quality and transports the forage gently up into the loading bay. Its 860-mm diameter ensures quiet operation and protects the drive train against load peaks. The rotor is set in motion by a bolted drive stub with a large spur gear. The tines are fitted on the rotor casing in three segments and bolted together. If necessary, individual tine segments can be simply and inexpensively replaced.

Lowerable chopper housing.

The CARGOS chopper housing is structurally separate from the blade holder and has a central locking function as standard. The blade holder can be swivelled away from the chopper housing for convenient blade changing.

Adjustable blade pre-tensioning.

The pre-set blade tension can easily be altered via a crank, enabling the trigger force to be adjusted to different operating conditions.

Individual blade protection.

All blades are individually protected and automatically retract on contact with a foreign object during crop loading. The pre-set tension then ensures that the blade automatically returns to its correct working position again.

Top forage quality.

The wide conveying bars ensure a clean chop and gentle handling of the forage.

CARGOS 8000 700 9000

Sturdy double-edged blades with hydraulic blade protection.

The CLAAS double-edged blades are sharpened on both sides and are extremely robust. Their innovative shape with a broad base at the tip guarantees maximum stability and keeps the blade slot constantly closed. The 40 blades can be conveniently turned over in the course of a long working day, ensuring optimum chop quality with minimum maintenance. All the blades are individually protected against damage from foreign objects and feature an automatic blade return function. The sensitivity of the blade protection can be adjusted to different operating conditions, thereby protecting the blades. If required, they can be folded away hydraulically.

Blade holder swings out for convenient blade changing.

With a blade holder that pivots out hydraulically and a floor conveyor that swings down by 90°, the new CARGOS dual-purpose wagon offers optimum accessibility. The central blade locking and unlocking functions make blade changing a simple task. A blade guide secures the position of the blade as they are pivoted into place.

An additional holder allows you to carry a spare set of double-edged blades. This means you always have four sets of perfectly sharpened blade edges to guarantee maximum chop quality throughout long working days in the field.

CARGOS 8000 700 9000

Just the job for the perfect cut.

CARGOS double-edged blades are made of special hardened alloy steel – this perfect balance between hardness and toughness maximises both service life and maximum chop quality.

Built for the long haul.

The solid construction provides all the stability needed in the field. The frame has a C-profile with a height of 300 mm, along with solid uprights and side walls made of high-strength steel. The top section of the side panels is perforated to give a clear view into the wagon when used for forage transport.

Horizontal loading position.

The EFS crop flow system offers a further benefit: even with large-sized tyres up to 30.5", the dual-purpose wagon can be driven in a horizontal loading position. This increases the throughput performance, while reducing the power requirement. The result: the load on the axles and brakes is evenly spread, increasing their service life.

The floor conveyor

The floor conveyor can be hydraulically swung upwards into a horizontal position for optimum unloading, and downwards by 90° to provide optimal access to the loading assembly for cleaning and maintenance work, for example.

The floor conveyor has been inclined by 500 mm to facilitate loading and ensure optimum crop flow in the EFS. The crop is delivered directly to the loading bay from the rotor, which not only reduces fuel consumption but also protects the crop.